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Work Can Be Fun!

Let BeatSense add another dimension
to your daily routine.

Moral Booster

Tested and proved to be the
ultimate morale booster

Unveil Personalities

Discover how surprising your
co-workers' taste in music is


  • Democratic

    Majority of 3 down-votes to skip a song
  • Crossfade algorithm

    Nonstop music, no silent moments between songs
  • Communicate

    Hungry? Angry? real-time chat at your service
  • No one is adding music? BeatSense shine!

    Meet our crowd-wisdom auto music playing algorithm
  • FREE

    For real!
  • Collaborative playlist

    The end of office music wars! everyone can be the office DJ
  • Competitive

    Earn score, become a music authority (and brag about it)
  • Your opinion matters

    Express your opinion in many ways (and without violence)
  • The secret dot

    Once you find it, adding music will never be the same.
  • BeatSense is yours

    Easily feedback and share your thoughts with our caring team.
And we will let you discover the rest yourself...
"BeatSense has defined our office culture" - Jacob Miechevsky, MilesShare
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